• Wedding Invitation App
    Wedding Invitation App
    Wedding Invitation App
    Wedding Invitation App

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  • Wedding Invitation App
    Wedding Invitation App



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Myweddingicon provides a new and smarter way for you to give a reminder of most important day of your life.
This creation and your content together gives a smile to all your near and dear ones.

Wedding App Review
It was great experience to use the wedding app in our wedding. All our friends and relatives were relatively connected and I have been very happy with their lively involvement in the wedding. Thanks to Myweddingicon
Wedding App Testimonial
As an event manager organizing my clients information is necessary for me to deliver on their requirements on time. Myweddingicon takes the stress of effective announcement off my neck!
We found this invitation app to be quite handy. All we needed to do was add our wedding information, generate, and send to our friends on social media. What more could be better than that?
Our friend recommended myweddingicon, and since then, We’ve been hooked, as the easy to use design and navigation makes this web app a must-have for the publicity of any wedding. Thank you Myweddingicon
Myweddingicon has shown that it can be the most effective wedding tool to connect and find each other again. Now, we expect a more amiable atmosphere at my wedding.
Myweddingicon is so good that all our invited guests interacted with each other, even before the big day.It even went beyond being just a wedding invitation app, it connected people. What more could one ask for?